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Type: Committee
Meeting location: Brookings City & County Government Center 520 3rd St., Room 300

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December 2021

Dec, 2021

Public art enhances the built environment of a city and enriches the lives of its citizens. A dedicated funding source for an established program of public art enhances the reputation of a city and serves as a vehicle for attracting new businesses and citizens. A public art program encourages a community’s artists and citizens to engage in creative activities and artistic development. A public arts commission can develop and implement a unified public art strategy for a community. The role of the Brookings Public Arts Commission is as follows: 1. To develop a unified public art strategy for the City of Brookings; 2. To advise the City Council and other community groups and agencies who are initiating a public art project concerning the proposed site, selection of a professional artist and commissioning of a public artwork; 3. To oversee the Public Art Fund; 4. To guide and monitor design development process through reviews at various stages to ensure artistic and design quality, integration with the site and relevance to the community; 5. To approve the final design prior to fabrication; and To approve the final artwork, installation procedures, and maintenance plan prior to installation.